Friday, July 23, 2010

22 hours later...

Yes, 22 hours...not a typo...double digit hours. We got here at 7:00 pm on Thursday and did not get into a room until about 5:00 pm, Friday.

We spent 22 hours in the ER waiting for a room. Thankfully, they did have us in a private room away from all the germs lingering in the waiting area. Yes, there are benefits to having a compromised immune system. Actually, that's pretty much the only benefit that I'm aware of.

At 5:00 am (Friday) I decided that there was no way anything was going to happen until later in the morning so, since Jim was stable, I made myself go back to the hotel to get some sleep. 8:00am wake up call ended up with me calling the hospital to see what the deal was. The nurse said he was 2nd in line for a room and he was doing fine. So, I put the phone down for a second and ended up waking an hour later. This time I was going to get up right after I closed my eyes for another second (really an hour). I ended up getting up at 10:00.

The transplant doc's believe that this is medicine induced nausea and they have the following plan:

Discontinue Erythromycin - was initially taking this to get his bowels moving but, based on all of the tests, they are. Side effects, yep...nausea vomiting;

Increase Prilosec - he may have too much acid in his stomach;

Start iron via IV (level is low);

Decrease Prograf dosage because the level is too high (@21 and s/b between 8 to 12). This can cause nausea and/or vomiting.

Next step is to start back on clear liquids. If that goes ok they will go to full liquids (pudding, mashed potatoes etc.) and continue "testing" to see how far he can get. I am hopeful that this visit won't be as long as the last since the "testing" is dependent on food, not extensive procedures that can only be done durIng the week. We won't have to wait through the weekend for things to start moving forward.

Jim also had another PICC line put in. That really sucks because they just pulled his last PICC on Weds.

On a cool note, we have a room with a view of the landing pad and can watch the helicopters through the windows of the room. Hopefully that doesn't keep him awake. If it does, I hope its because someone is receiving a gift of new lungs, heart, liver...

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  1. sounds like you have had a crazy few days/weeks! I really do hope and pray they get all this figured out! The stress of all this is no good on Jim either (Or you). I think and pray for you two often!

    Much love,