Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You all worry too much...

Not too much to report today. Jim didn't have physical therapy so he was much more energetic. He has PT every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in Philly. It makes for a long and tiring day. He will be happy once tomorrow's therapy is over so he can have a little break until it starts all over on Monday.

Tomorrow my dad will be taking Jim to Philly. Same schedule as Monday. Lab work, PT then a CXR.

His stomach has not been as bad today. I made him some shredded chicken with gravy and noodles for dinner, so far, everything is OK. He's still taking Milk of Magnesia but today not much has been "moving" around.

We received a get well package in the mail today from Yankees Stadium. We have no clue how it got here but Jim's eyes lit up when he saw everything. Anyone know how it got here? There is a figurine, mug, pencils, button, a calendar and a luggage tag.

"I think that today was a very good day except I'm feeling really jittery."
"I don't like being sad, it's not me."

Text messages between Jim and I:
"You all worry too much. I'm a 40 year old man." Jim
"You're a 40 year old man that just had his lungs yanked out! Jeez!!! At least people care about you!" Denise

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  1. Just out of curiosity, do you sneak attack him with the camera or is there just no effort going on to smile. Doesn't bother me either way, but it's helpful to know what the technique is... since I've seen about 2.1 smiles in the last 90 photos.

  2. LOL That's a funny question Jesse...good question! Observant. (ok, so it's obvious)
    LOVE the surprise gift, that's awesome!! Did it come with season tickets too?? (Ok, we know I am NOT a wankees fan, but for Jim, awesome!)
    Jim, it's ok to be sad sometimes, it isn't you so it must really feel odd, but it will pass. Happy happy days and Jim ahead :)
    And BTW, we worry cuz we LOVE YOU! BOTH of you!!xoxo
    Keep up the great work J & D, hope to see you soon.

  3. Mostly sneak attack Jesse, particularly this one. I had just sat down to eat my only kind of meal for the day. Really the lack of smile has mostly been due to nausea, I have felt seconds from vomit for most of the time.

  4. Hi guys,
    I know it still is not easy and have faith it will get better so hang in there. It will be a couple years until I come back up but am looking forward to seeing you run. It would be awful embarrassing to have to let you beat me in a race :).
    Uncle John

  5. hahaha! I was going to suggest smiling in picture as well :) Great minds think alike~ It can be hard to smile when you feel exhausted, sick to your stomach and when things aren't moving around right :) hahaha~

  6. So the nausea is caused by the damage of the vagus nerve? Do the doctors think the nerve will eventually heal itself, or your body will just adjust to the new condition it's in now? Just curious.

  7. One other thing you know I have had a lot of stomach problems since my colon burst and Mylanta works better for me than milk of magnesia.

  8. Vagus nerve doesn't let the stomach empty the food into the intestines. Basically my food just sits in the stomach until it fills up and I vomit