Sunday, June 6, 2010

What goes in should come out...eventually!

Dave, Amanda, Jim and the dogs:

Current weight is 141.5. He's been trying to eat more each day and trying different things. His stomach has been bothering him again today. Things finally started moving along again in the ole digestive track this evening. *wink wink* Maybe it was the Westgate Pizza...(thanks girls!).

Today was a busy day for visitors. My brother and Amanda hung out for a little. My dad stopped to check the coolant on the car and then Jim's mom and aunt stopped by with some goodies. Also, half of "Team Sheldon" stopped by with their daughters for a "clean-up party". They yanked all of the soggy toilet paper (it rained twice since it's been strung) from the front yard and took down the Christmas decorations. They also brought some Westgate Pizza which is our favorite! :)

The clean-up crew:

This evening Jim and I did the standard gas fill up at WaWa and Starbucks run, then headed to Philly for a few days of PT and pulmonary rehab.

I'm sitting here blogging at the hotel now watching Jim breathe with much less effort than before. Instead of seeing him breath quickly, he is taking slow deep breaths. It's amazing!

Tomorrow will consist of:
blood work at 8:00
pulmonary rehab at 8:30
physical therapy at 9:30
chest x-ray at 10:30

"We'll have to take our lungs home every year."
"I'm feeling 8 billion times better than yesterday."
"I'm finally starting to feel human."



  1. Speaking of food...did you realize that strawberries are in season now???

  2. Love the pics!!!!! You are really getting good at this Denise!!!!! :)).