Thursday, June 17, 2010

Today, not so good...

Jim had a really bad day today. He threw up in the car when he and my dad got to the hospital this morning and several times after. I guess we need to go a little slower with moving his diet to a more advanced level. It's great to know that his lungs are treating him well but this stomach thing is really holding things back. If he's not eating right then his body is not getting the proper nutrition to keep him strong enough to move forward. *sigh* Anyone out there that has suggestions for foods that worked for you, please leave a comment!

He's more alert and looking much better now compared to what he looked like when I came home from work.

The nurse transplant coordinator called earlier to let us know that Jim's Prograf level is at 12.1. There will be no need to change the dosage at this time. He BP was good throughout PT today so they may take him off of one of the BP meds when we see the doctor on Tuesday.

We both are really hoping that the gastroparesis works its way out a bit and things lighten up SOON!


I just found these fun pictures in my email mailbox:

When I got final word that Jim was going to have his transplant I contacted a few friends that were out. They did some shots in celebration of the new windbags. In fact they had other people at the bar that didn't even know us doing them!

Paperclip lungs...I have a friend that
is quite talented at paperclip art!

Text msgs:

"I puked in the car when we got here..." ~ Jim
"Ugh! We forgot a bag!" ~Denise

"Got blood work and xray done at least...but blew chunks on Pop Pops door and jam." ~Jim (I know, really gross but I know that people who know Jim would appreciate that comment).

"Just got home threw up 4 times" ~Jim
"Oh crap! Guess the chicken wasn't a good idea..." ~Denise

Thank you to our donor and donor family!
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    Look at this product, it helped me gain a significant amount of weight after a serious sick- bout... Taste good and easy on the stomach. I haven't had a transplant, but maybe I can help. I'll keep praying and stay tough!

  2. I've been in the same boat with the eating. Eat very slow, and in small amounts. Yogurt, applesauce, ice cream, and american cheese have worked well for me. So sorry you have to experience the gastroparesis like me!