Saturday, June 26, 2010

Move 'em out

Things are going the same as yesterday for the most part. His belly has been giving him trouble this evening but not half as bad as it was last week. His weight is at 140 lbs.

It was a nice morning so we went out back to get some fresh air. The dogs ran around a bit and I yanked some weeds. The weeds are finally getting under a little bit of control since we've come home. But that's all small stuff. The important
part is that Jim is healing!

Jim's mom, my parents and Amanda stopped by this afternoon for a visit.

The new air filter came in the mail yesterday so I worked on putting that puzzle together. I consolidated a bunch of Jim's meds., machines and other misc. items. There are a lot things that we don't need but do not feel comfortable just getting rid of so I put those out of the way and made room for the new stuff. While I was moving the meds around Jim was getting a little anxious. He said that I don't understand how he feels. He's taken those meds for so long that it doesn't feel right moving them.

Machine, vest, and O2. You were great while we needed you. No hard feelings but it's time to say goodbye!

Random thoughts:

Last night laying in bed while Jim was already asleep I decided to follow his breathing. I've done it many times pre-tx and was never able to get enough air in because of his shallow breathing. Last night was completely different! It was a nice, slow and steady pace that actually put me to sleep!

Check out this utube video of 2 girls with CF that are currently competing on America's Got Talent. I absolutely HATE when people tell others that they can't do something! These girls have showed "them" that they can!

"Why won't it come out sometimes?" Regarding belly issues.
"Prednisone, you *@$#!" No need to expand on this.

Did You Know....
There are over 100,000 people, the size of a small city, on the transplant list in the US.

There were less than 10,000 deceased organ donors in the US last year. (that's a ratio of 1 organ donor to every 10 transplant patients).

In the time it takes you to shower today, 1 new name is added to the US transplant waiting list.

From the time you woke up this morning to the time you wake up tomorrow morning, 18 people will die waiting for their transplant in the US.

here to join the organ donation registry




  1. I LOVE your breathing comment xoxo

  2. Amanda always brings a smile to his face, doesn't she? :)

    I also love the breathing comment. It's the littlest things that help put it into perspective.

  3. ok. true confession to james, i've been your facebook friend and heard about your progress thru Piper, but did not know about your BLOG. Whatever to me, but congrats to you and so great to see all these images!! xxoo, Cystic Gal hoping to follow in your new-lung footsteps!

  4. Cystic Gal: We've been reading your blog for awhile! I think I may have even commented on your blog. I have you saved as a "favorite". I found you just by surfing the net and Jim was talking about Beth Peters (through Piper too) and how you are in the waiting process. We recently put the 2 together. What a small community of AWESOME people! Stay strong! Your day will come, the waiting is hell to put it nicely!

  5. Barb: i try my best to make him smile ecause he deserves to and should :) hes always there for me so im always there for him
    im glad everything is getting better!!

    Love you both :)