Saturday, June 12, 2010

Steppin' Out

Jim is still having a lot of pain and nausea. Lungs are feeling great though!

Jim did 2 big laps around the yard today. He paused a few times because his stomach was bothering him but his lungs are healthy and treating him well! He was feeling down but after being outside for a bit he seemed to perk up a bit. Knowing him, he will be trying to do at least 3 tomorrow.

Dad cutting our grass. Thanks dad!
Using the yankees bucket to hold his pill bottles

More goodies. Thank you Joanne, Chris and kids! The basket had Philly memorabilia in it.

"You know what's neat? When there's dust on stuff I can blow it off."


  1. Yay! 2 laps. . . good progress. Sorry to hear about the nausea, I had it too for the first 3 months or so. I would seriously feel fine one minute and the next be rushing to the bathroom/sink/garbage can. . .etc. Once all this passes you will feel like a million bucks (cuz your worth at least that now) :) Loving the pics! Every day you look a little better & before you know it you'll be working out again!!

  2. Love the quote about being able to blow dust off stuff! What I really notice, having just had a cold, is how much better I am at blowing my nose!

    Try not to worry about the nausea and pain - they will pass, but it will take some time. I was on metocloprimide for anti-sick, with the docs saying just take it when you feel you need it - I tried stopping it and actually felt better... But then you're on Prograf and I'm on Neoral (ciclosporin) and I think it was interfering with that. As for the pain, I couldn't sleep on my side for the first 3 months - it's a really slow battle but the wound pain does eventually go. It's loads better at 3 months and pretty much gone at 6, although I still get the odd twinge.

    Anyway it is brilliant to see you up and about and have courage - before long you'll be running around, back in the gym etc. I bought myself a cheap exercise bike which was great in the early days to make myself do exercise every day - good to have a self-contained measurable exercise plan - like 20 mins on the bike every day. I recommend it. All the best, Will (& Vicky)

  3. It is so good to see you outside in the sunlight. In a few months all the tummy pain will be gone & you can begin all the things you have put on hold for so long. Every new thing you do make my dreams for you come true. I am here!

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  5. Hi Guys,
    The pain and nausea is no fun but will eventually go away and then there will probably be a few more bumps in the road. But I can tell you that every day you wake up with no oxygen and can take a deep breath is so worth it. The best feeling is getting on the treadmill and walking for 2 miles without getting out of breath. Jim and Denise, you were given such a great gift.

    I have gone 3 days now with no stomach or GI issues. Now I have a little cough but I am going to stay in top of it and make sure it gets addressed on Wednesday.

    I am so glad Jim is doing so well. I am so excited that Piper has now joined our group. Life can be so good. Enjoy every minute of your new lungs (yeah...even the tough times). Maybe someday we can go to a Yankees/Redsox game together!

    Thinking of you both tonight!