Friday, June 11, 2010

Same Old Thing As Yesterday

There's nothing new to report today.
Stomach and body pain are still a major issue. He's been sitting on the sofa a majority of the day with a heating pad on his stomach and back.

Here are some miscellaneous pictures:

Waiting to get registered and wondering if this is a go. 5/19/10

Jim and Frank (my dad) My 2 favorite men!
Pre Op holding area

Lots of hallway space to pace while waiting for surgery to be done.

Jim's dad, me and my dad after we heard surgery went well!
Jim's mom, me and my dad.

Dad and I had a toast to Jim at dinner.

I though my water glass was appropriate for the occasion.

One chest tube remaining.

There's always room for Jello!

My support system! Dad stayed with me day and night except for 3. Amanda was with me the rest of the time. Thank you for keeping me company and helping with EVERYTHING. Love you guys!

Me and Amanda

Dad on his Birthday!


  1. Your support system is awesome! What a blessing for both of you! Thanks for all the pics - it helps me invision what this will be like for my son. I'm going to have him follow your blog (he's a facebook boy) so he understands when it is his time. Thank you so much and I'll keep praying about that pain! Hugs to both of you!

  2. That first picture, all I can think of is "BAD ASS" and that he looks so ready for his lungs! Heating pads are a godsend! I've got one on my back right now!