Monday, June 7, 2010

Pulmonary Rehab and Physical Therapy

This morning Jim's stomach was bothering him after (sit down Starbucks friends) having a cup of Starbucks. Not good!

Jim used the wheelchair today to save up his strength. Our day started out with some lab work, then headed to pulmonary and respiratory rehab. The first thing done in pulmonary rehab. was a 6 minute walk test. They put an oxygen saturation monitor on his forehead (picture to follow) which looked quite stylish. He walked 686' with no O2 and the lowest saturation level came in at 94% with a heart rate of 94! BP was 118/78.

Respiratory dude said it was a good initial walk. The 6 minute walk test that he had back in March when we were going through the listing process required 7 liters of O2. They also told us his FEV1 and FVC numbers look good too. We're making great strides! After the walk test Jim went to PT and we then went for a CXR. He was hurting and very tired after that so we went back to the hotel. I ran to the pizza place across the street and picked up a Stromboli. He didn't have any stomach issues after eating that. After we ate I zonked out for 4 hours! Jim slept a bit too.

Later in the day Jim spoke with our transplant coordinator about the results of his blood work. His Prograph level is 35. Therapeutic level is 8 to 12. So...he will not be taking the Prograf (one of the anti-rejection meds) tonight or tomorrow. Blood work will be taken again tomorrow morning to see where the levels are at. Right now he is sort of a guinea pig until they figure out the proper dosage his body requires. Our coordinator said that this high level could be due to moving around more and eating differently from when he was hospitalized.
For our Team Sheldon friends, I took a short walk to "Shelly's Place" (a/k/a The New Deck Tavern) and got Jim a burger. They have outdoor seating in the back! His stomach was able to handle that as well.

Amanda, I had some cheesecake yogurt with graham crackers just for you!

Quote of the day:
"I'm hurtin'." Jim after rehab and PT.



  1. Nisey,
    I'm glad you got some yogurt :) that place is awesome and if we ever go to Philly again, we should def go there again.

    Glad Uncle Jim is getting better.

    Love you both,

  2. As I drink my Starbucks, I am deeply saddened to hear that Sheldon's stomach did not like his Starbucks yesterday. Boo! Glad you got to go back to the New Deck Tavern. Loved that place! Can't wait to go back with Sheldon in attendance. <3