Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Today was Jim's first day being home alone for a majority of the day. My dad stopped by for a little and then I came home for lunch.

His belly is still doing good. He had some toast this morning and it didn't bother him. The real test was dinnertime. I grabbed a pizza for dinner and....................all is quite! No belly pain, nausea or vomiting! Woo hoo!!

He is being more diligent about taking pain meds. This will enable him to move around more and get those lungs working good with much less pain. I'm hoping that when he has his RT and PT tomorrow his pain will be under better control so he can get a good workout in.

In case you didn't catch on from my last blog post, Jim's abdominal ultrasound showed gall stones. This is the reason for the elevated liver enzymes. The radiologist said that as long as he is not having pain from them they usually let it alone. I'm assuming when we see the doctor next Tuesday he will tell us that.

That's it! I hope that more of my posts will be pretty uneventful for awhile, at least.


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