Monday, June 14, 2010

P is for: Piper, PT, Pills & Pristine

First and foremost Jim and I are extremely happy that our blogging friend Piper had her lung transplant on Saturday and she's doing great! Go Piper, go!!!!

While thinking about Piper I thought back to the day we got THE CALL and then I realized something sort of neat (to me at least). When Jim and I left for the hospital there was one single solitary rose that bloomed on one of our rose bushes. It was the very first rose to bloom this season. When we got home we came back to all of our rose bushes in bloom. When Piper got her call, our roses were ready to go through a second phase of blooming. Kinda cool, huh? Also there is a story behind roses with CF. Check this out for details:

Jim and my parents left for Penn at 6:00 am today and I headed to work.
He went thought the normal Monday routine...lab work at 8:00 am, PT from 8:30 to 10:30 and then a CXR. They got home by 1:30. Jim did the entire routine of PT today along with 35 minutes on the treadmill and no change in his O2 saturation! Previously he was doing portions of PT because the nausea, stomach pain and weakness made it too hard.

We received a call from our nurse transplant coordinator this evening and were told that Jim's Tacrolimus level is at 4. Because of this they bumped up his dosage from 1 mg bid sub lingual to 2 mgs bid sub lingual. His lab work will be checked again on Thursday. Hopefully by then the level with be in the 8 to 12 mg therapeutic range. Baby steps, baby steps...

Jim's lungs are pristine but stomach and body pain is still the major issue. If it weren't for that he'd be ready to run. Well, maybe not run but he'd be much happier.

Thanks to the LNG department at Air Products the goodies! I absolutely love the card. He may disagree but he really is kicking butt!

This fruit arrangement was even more beautiful before I ate all the grapes. To my Godparents, thank you from both of us!

"If you don't focus on the now, you'll never get it back". Jim's thought on life in general. If you focus on what might happen in the future, you will never enjoy the time that you have now.

Apply on-line to be an organ donor at:
Thank you to our donor and our donor's family for making such a selfless decision to be an organ donor!
And thank you to my brother and 2 friends that decided to become organ donors!


  1. I like the letter P :)
    And I might steal Jim's quote!
    WTG Jim and Piper!!!

  2. Denise,
    I've been frequently reading your blog as well as notes from a friend whose 13 year daughter battled CF. My Alex(15) is recently home from 3 weeks in the hospital and although his cultures are still testing positive for the bacteria we've been fighting for over 2 years, I keep you, Jim, my friend, and her daughter in mind...striving to find the positive in life and pushing ahead for it. She too looks to the blooms on rose bushes planted in memory of her daughter as inspiration and motivation to keep moving forward. We wish all the best for you and Jim and are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers daily.
    Best regards,
    Noreen and Chris Tarletsky