Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Little Less Conversation and a Little More Action

Jim had a solid 5 hours of sleep last night!
Dr. Lee stopped by and said the left lung sounds good, the right has a little gurgle. The xray looks better. The bronch is scheduled for tomorrow. We were told that Jim will be going home Thursday and if things go quick enough he will get out tomorrow! How freaking amazing is this?! It is starting to sink in for both of us that this is real.

Jim took 1/2 lap around the nurses station while pushing the IV pole with no O2 and the second 1/2 he added 2 liters of O2 because he was anxious.

Jim is at 139 pounds (down more then 20 since his surgery), is still extremely weak and when we get home he will need a lot of time to get adjusted to the real world. After 2 weeks, this will be a major adjustment for both of us. Things will be hectic with me getting back to work and we will be having others hang out with Jim while I'm gone. My niece has been "hired" to clean our house ;) and we have a friend that will help with groceries. I am trying my best to delegate chores to focus on Jim.

The last chest tube was taken out today. He is currently tubeless except for the PICC line. Woo hoo!!

Quotes of the day:
"I'm eating me some applesauce and then Krimpets". At breakfast
"I am a bit flippant at times."
"Good times, keepin' food down."
"The View is on now."
"Definitely crazy.". Regarding the past 2 weeks.
"...like God walking the halls." said when the surgeon left the room. This is another one of my favorites and is true!!!

When the nurse was taking Jim's temp it ended up being high because he drank coffee so the nurse went to plan B, under his arm.
Jim: On to plan B? Let's stay away from plan C - OK?!
Nurse: I don't want to see C!



  1. you know life is good when you have a sense of humor!

    Glad if hear things are moving along, as in going home soon YAAAAAAAAAAAAAh

    Cyster Lister

  2. He needs to get out of there before he turns into a woman. "The View?" Seriously? What kind of meds were they giving him? Lol.

  3. I agree Barb, sheesh!!! He'll be drinking his high tea with biscuits.
    SOOOOO great to hear all of this.

    Feel free to add me into the chores list when needed.
    See you both soon xoxo - Hol

  4. barb, men can watch the view. it's called opposition research...

  5. It sounds like things are finally turning a corner. Keep your chin up as there will be bumps in the road. Every night that you get more sleep the better things will be. I am so happy that everything is going well.

  6. You're right about God walking the halls - as far as I am concerned you, Jim, have been a part of a miracle - you have been given new life - literally - and that is a miracle

  7. Lmao at Blanker. Too bad it won't help you on smart girls. ;)