Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's a Boy!

Jim was in some MAJOR pain today! He didn't take a pain pill last night and woke up in so much pain that he couldn't move. The pain was at the surgical site. His belly is doing better!

Mom and dad picked us up to head out to Philly for respiratory and physical therapy, spiro, and then the abdominal ultrasound.
Jim left therapy early because he was in too much pain and wanted to be strong enough to get some good numbers when he did his spiro. His numbers would have been better but the pain did not allow for him to fully expand his lungs. His FEV1/FVC ratio did increase!

We met with the nurse tx coordinator and then Dr. H. His xray is looking better. The PDG is clearing up and the plural infusion is improving. They showed us the comparison from last Thursday to yesterday and the cloudiness decreased dramatically! They dropped his Prednisone to 20 mgs and his Prograf dosage will remain at 1.5 mgs. They also changed his pain med to Oxycodone. BP is fine but because it's not extremely low they want him to stay on the BP meds. When his BP starts to drop more they will discontinue them. Dr. H. gave us the option of seeing him every 2 weeks instead of every week so we will be doing that. As far as the therapy goes, Dr. H. said that he will probably be done in 2 to 3 weeks.

The goal for the week is to control his pain. Since he is more active now he requires more pain meds than before. He has to take them continually so he can keep moving those beautiful pink lungs and get stronger! :)

I ordered this shirt from Piper . These are the shirts that her family wore when she received her transplant a little over a week ago!! The back of it says "Smile, Breathe and Go Slowly ~Thich Nhat Hahn"

"I couldn't move. I was like a turtle on its back." Jim's description of trying to get out of bed this morning.

"I keep feeling like I have to do a treatment" ~Jim
"No, those days are over." ~ Denise

"It's a boy!" ~Denise
"No, it's gall stones." ~Jim
(need to keep some sort of humor in this game of tx!)


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  1. Isn't that whole "treatment" think just freakin' AWESOME?!?!

    I didn't get along with the vest -- an amazing therapist, my wife and my sister pounded on me for 2 hour treatments, 4 times daily -- 8 freakin' hours... The day I got out of the hospital, I was at our dinner table having dinner with my wife, my sis and my Mom -- after dinner, I started crying... Everyone got into a mild panic because they didn't know what was wrong... Then I told them that it had just dawned on me that we didn't have to get up and start my therapy. Then they all started to cry too...

    The amazing ability to breathe is just one part of this gift... The time we're given is another HUGE part... Between 8 hours of therapy, 3-4 hours of inhaled or IV meds, exercise, focusing on 7-8 meals per day, my medical routines took almost 16 hours daily. Now they take less than 15 minutes if I hurry... She gave me the most beautiful lungs in the world (though Jim's are equally beautiful), and she also gave me 15+ hours every day... I hope Jim is experiencing that soon...

    Hang in there. Pain sucks. But it doesn't last. Though sometimes it sure as hell feels like it never goes away...

    Love, Steve