Saturday, June 5, 2010

"I'm setting new highs"

**Pictures have been added to prior blog entries. Check them out!**

Jim is still very weak but getting stronger every day! I wonder when he plans to take over this blog… ;)

Weight this morning was 138.5.

The above pictures are from 5/22/10. Amanda is taking great care of Jim! She needs to be a nurse!!

He ate much better today and had no pain in his stomach or nausea. His back does bother him a lot. The doctor told us that that would be where he would notice it the most because of the way the surgery is performed. I haven’t quite looked into how they move the “stuff” around and attach the lungs.

Jim noticed that when he cleans his glasses he has much more power in huffing on them. There are many little things that have been popping up. He can put his socks and shoes on without getting out of breath. I noticed right away that when he wakes up in the morning he can turn over to me and say “Hi” instead of coughing and gasping for air. That’s a much better way for both of us to wake up, especially him!

Jim has been doing a lot of breathing exercises to pump the new airbags up. Today he said that he set new highs on the microspiro, incentive spirometer and threshold pep. He is working hard to take care of the prestine gift that was unselfishly given to us.


“I’m setting new highs.”

“…lungs feel good, real good.”

“I’m feeling umpteen times better.”

“I don’t seem as nearly as anxious.”



  1. Glad to hear all of this Jim. You are on your way!!!!

  2. Jim and Denise, I am so happy for both of you and glad to see everything is going well or as well as can be expected. Jim I work with your mom and she is always talking about you so I am so happy for her too. Take care and God Bless.