Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Getting Stronger Each Day

I headed back to work today. Since Jim still needs someone with him 24/7 his mom took some time off to visit while I was at work. Tomorrow will be another trip to Philly for blood work, PT and an CXR. Jim slept on the sofa last night because of the MiraLAX cocktail he had to drink last night.
He got about an hour of sleep but the MiraLAX did the trick! He felt bad most of the morning but tonight he is feeling much better. He was strong enough to take a shower without any assistance.

I received a really nice basket from my friends at work. Along with the Fainting Goat wine, pop corn, dog toys,Coke, Krimpits, JellyBelly jellybeans, Starbucks and WaWa card was the game Operation! I can't forget the best thing...a helicopter figurine from the movie Cars. Thanks girls! I have an entirely new way of looking at helicopters since Jim's transplant.

Dharma and Abby enjoying their toys

Thank you to the girls that work with Jim's mom for this beautiful basked filled with lots of cookies, chocolate, popcorn and more!

I have to mention our cat, Torri. She missed us so much that when she heard get home she decided to keep sleeping in a little ball. She must have been mad at us. She usually greets us at the door with the dogs.

Quotes of the day:
"I feel great now." After the MiraLAX did it's job.
"Pump those babies up!" I said while Jim was doing lung exercises.
"None of this stuff seems real to me yet." Jim regarding the last few weeks.



  1. Love the new baskets! How thoughtful. You both are surrounded by many who care so deeply. It's wonderful! So I have to Torri named after Joe Torre - just spelled differently? Lol.

    Happy 3 Weeks! Seems like just yesterday I was glued to FB looking for updates on his surgery.

  2. I remember one of my first showers. . .my little sister helped me (I was still hospitalized) I was so skinny, just serious bones stretched over with skin. It was traumatizing on my sister. I preferred baths cuz I didn't have to stand up. But my butt was literally so bony that I had to sit on a rubber donut thing. Congrats to Jim to getting his strength back! :) Hooray!

  3. Hello Jimmy, All our prayers were answered."THANK YOU LORD!" So glad to hear that you are doing better.You are in my thoughts and prayers daily.Just thought I would let you know that the money we raised at work was sent to the CF Foundation of the LehighValley.Hopefully they find a cure soon so others do not have to go through what you did. Hope to see you soon.
    With Love,Hugs and Kisses,
    Aunt Linda