Saturday, June 12, 2010

Flashback to 5/19/2010 When We Received THE CALL

Jim called me at work at around 11:30 on May 19 and told me to come home because Penn called and there is a possible match. He told me not to get too excited. I left work and on the way out told the girls that I'm sure I'll be back tomorrow. I promised myself that I would not get excited until it was concrete fact that the surgery has actually started.

On the way up the escalator I debated on taking a picture of Jim in the same spot that I took on our last dry run. I was thinking to myself, 'what if I'm jinxing us?'...maybe we should do everything different. I decided to take the chance and took the picture:

I sat in a different chair in the waiting room on purpose. Jim asked me where I was going and I told him that I want to mix it up a bit and sit somewhere else...just in case.

When they called Jim's name to get registered we both wondered how far we would get. Would we make it past registration? Once we did, we acknowledged it and wondered...would we make it to a room? Would he make it to the OR? Would the donor lungs be viable? I continued to focus on the fact that we will be headed home soon and it wasn't going to happen. Maybe another day...

made it to pre op and dad and jim's mom showed up.

wheeled him away still not knowing.

Were sent to a waiting area where a girl gave us directions on how to find out the status of Jim. She gave me a little piece of paper so that had a code name of FA..I.J for Jim. She told me to watch the flat screen TV to follow the status of his surgery.

To the right of this desk is where we were told that surgery is a go!

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