Sunday, June 13, 2010

FaceBook Posts from The Call to Home Sweet Home

Below are my FaceBook posts starting with the day before the call until we got home. I thought this would be a fun blog

5/18 - Denise Rider Fahr Rain & wind isn't too bad to run in but prefer a nice Spring day. Again, I pushed through it with the thoughts of my CF friends and another friend with MS! :)

5/19 12:14 pm Denise Rider Fahr Got a call from university of penn for lung offer. On our way. Hope this is IT! Please send prayers and strength.

5/19 1:31 Denise Rider Fahr At hosp. Waiting…

5/19 3:45 Denise Rider Fahr Being wheeled away. Still no clue if it's a go yet. May be over an hour until we know.

5/19 5:58 Denise Rider Fahr OMG!!!!!!!!! It's a go!!!!!!! Thank you donor family!!!!!!

5/19 7:34 Denise Rider Fahr JTop of Form

Bottom of Form

5/19 11:49 pm My butt hurts...just sayin'...

5/2- - 12:36 am Surgery is done!!! All is good check the blog in a bit. Don't want to type same stuff twice.

5/20 2:05 am

Denise Rider Fahr Just saw Jim! Looks great!! Talked to him and he nodded. Told him everyone Is pulling for him.

5/20 – 9:02 am Denise Rider Fahr Today.........I's a GREAT day!!!! Feels like Christmas morning!

5/20 4:26pm Denise Rider Fahr Happy times have begun!

5/20 6:48pm Denise Rider Fahr Wooo hoooooo!!!!! Getting 2 tubes removed tomorrow and going to step down unit!!!!!!!!

5/20 10:52pm Denise Rider Fahr Not sure when visitors will be allowed yet. Headed to bed. Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

5/21 1;14 PM Denise Rider Fahr Not doing to great now. Oxygen level is low due to air in stomach cause pressure on lungs. Happens in 50 to 60% oh people. Had rough night, not much sleep. Lots of bumps in the road. Prayers please!

5/21 3:07PM Denise Rider Fahr Things are calming down. Nurse reassuring that this is normal esp so early in game. He is finally resting!!!!

5/21 6:33 PM Denise Rider Fahr 2 chest tubes out...4 left.

5/22 10:28AM Denise Rider Fahr Headed to hosp now. He had a better night than last and still slowly being weaned off of o2.

5/22 10:56 AM Denise Rider Fahr They're giving him liquids!

5/22 11:46 AM Denise Rider Fahr That are giving him some extra blood because he is dry and will help with O2.

5/22 4:31 pm Denise Rider Fahr Tired..

5/22 4:38 pm Denise Rider Fahr Have been wearing the same shirt since Thursday morning. Can't wait until it starts to walk on its own!

5/22 10;50 PM Denise Rider Fahr Hanging at the hotel bar...all alone! :(

5/23 9:51 AM Denise Rider Fahr Rough night for Jim. He thought is was 1969 and that there were people in his room. Effects of sleep dep, drugs and overall stress on his body. His bowels are more active and is sleeping now. I got no sleep. S

5/23 3:00 PM Denise Rider Fahr Need some strength thrown my way, please!

5/23 10:49 PM Denise Rider Fahr WaWa...the breakfast, lunch and dinner of champs!

5/24 10:09 AM Denise Rider Fahr Can't wait to see my friends on Friday!!!!

5/24 10:13 AM Denise Rider Fahr The only thing that is really holding Jim back is the anxiety issue. He is sleeping now.

5/24 10:47 PM Denise Rider Fahr You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself "i have lived through this horror, i can take the next thing that comes along." you must do the thing you think you cannot do....
Don't know who wrote this but it came from my nieces professor.

5/25 10:39 AM Denise Rider Fahr May our donor family realize how much they have helped bring better quality of life to us & may our donor rest on peace knowing the same!!

5/25 4:23 PM Denise Rider Fahr Still on nasal cannula. CXR looking better. Only allower 1 ice chip/hour. Lungs are CMV positive. Blood work was taken and donor & Jim are perfectly compatible! He is a little more alert. Hopefully we are on the upswing!

5/25 6:49PM Denise Rider Fahr Still in ICU but being moved to a new room w/ a window.

5/26 10:41 AM Denise Rider Fahr Wow! It's gonna be a hot one! Jim didn't get much sleep. Up and in chair then decided to go back to bed on his own. Stats dropped beuause of it. He's a fighter!!!!!!!!!

5/26 1:26pm Denise Rider Fahr Feeling better. Wise a$$ attitude in effect!!!

5/26 9:38 am Denise Rider Fahr Happy One Week Anniversary to Jim's New Lungs! TYD&DF!!!!!!

5/29 12:49am Denise Rider Fahr Great day with dear friends. Going to sleep thinking how blessed I am by having such great people in my life!!!!

5/29 12:10 pm Denise Rider Fahr Moving right along!

5/29 2:39 pm Denise Rider Fahr Just introduced myself to Boomer Esiason!!! He may go visit Jim!!!!!

5/29 4:30 pm Denise Rider Fahr Jim and Boomer!!!! What a WONDERFUL man!!!

5/29 7:09 pm Denise Rider Fahr At dinner with dad and had a nice toast to Jim's new lungs! TYD&DF!!!!

5/30 1:57 am Denise Rider Fahr What the hell day is it????

5/30 10:31 am Denise Rider Fahr One more chest tube coming out now. One more to go! He slept well and was up in the chair eating when I got here.

5/30 11:54 am Denise Rider Fahr Thinking and sending MUCH STRENGTH to the couple that just left the hospital after a dry run for a double lung transplant! Never met them but know they need strength to keep on keepin' on! :(

5/31 9:16 am Denise Rider Fahr Soooo, I've been getting in before visiting hours the entire time and they plan to stop me now???? Sorry, that will NOT be happening!

5/31 7:00 pm Denise Rider Fahr Having dinner with The Rock!

6/1 12:20 am Denise Rider Fahr Rules are merely suggestions. I play by my own! ~ Denise Fahr

6/1 9:46 am Denise Rider Fahr Had a good solid 5 hrs of sleep. Getting last chest tube out today and he'll be tube free!

6/1 10:48 pm Denise Rider Fahr Good to know the insurance company agrees that a bilateral lung transplant o's medically necessary!

6/2 1:07 pm Denise Rider Fahr Going home tomorrow as long as bronch is ok!

6/2 1:42 pm Denise Rider Fahr Word of the day: Pristine! That is what Dr. Lee said about the look of Jim's lungs in the bronch! Headed home tomorrow as long as nothing happens. Thank you to our donor and the donors family! The lungs will be treated like gold!

6/2 8:31 pm Denise Rider Fahr The New Deck Tavern. Official happy hour for Team Sheldon!

6/3 9:37 am Denise Rider Fahr I am stronger than yesterday. ~ Brittany Spears

6/3 11:40 am Denise Rider Fahr Waiting for Dr. Lee and then we're outa' here!
Home, sweet home home here we come!

6/3 2:27 pm Denise Rider Fahr Well, we're home! Stopped at Pott's first. Nothing new at the house... ;)
You guys are awesome!!!!!

6/3 11:30 pm Denise Rider Fahr I'm thinking: soggy toilet paper and Santa

6/4 2:15 pm J

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