Sunday, June 20, 2010

3rd Good Day in a Row!

A HUGE shout out to dad. Happy Father's Day!! We love you!

Happy Birthday to Jim's mom! We love you!

Today was the 3rd day straight that Jim has been doing quite well! He had some nausea today but also got some "things" moving around again.

Random stuff:

I went to breakfast with my parents and saw a girl that I used to work with. We talked a bit and I found out that she is friends with a fellow CF'er that we have known for years. He had a double lung and liver transplant over 15 years ago!

I got some grocery shopping done today and bumped into a woman that Jim met in respiratory and physical therapy. She had a double lung transplant as well and actually lives in Allentown. How crazy it that?!

When we were going through the testing phase of pre-transplant drama we met a guy named Chris who also has CF and was going through testing. A week after Jim had his transplant we got word that Chris did too! It just amazes me how things are falling together. Never in a million years would I have thought that Chris would have been given a new breath of fresh air a few days after Jim. They will most likely be in respiratory and physical therapy together tomorrow. Who would have thought that months ago they would see each other again but without their crappy CF lungs?

Thank you to our donor and donor family!

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  1. That's awesome, Denise!!! I'm so happy for Jim -- and for you!

    I remember chugging along in the beginning -- it sometimes seemed like two-steps-forward-one-step-back... But then the forward steps start becoming much more frequent than the backward... And like Jim's third straight good day -- the good days will start piling up...

    I know that most of us can't not think about our donor and donor family -- thank you for mentioning that... I know that while we're rejoicing in a few good days under our belts, another family is reeling in their loss -- but they gave us life -- and maybe someday they'll know about your Jim and the value of the precious gift they gave him -- and that he and you value the loved one they lost...

    I hope these good days start coming consistently... I hope Jim's journey post transplant is as amazing as mine has been... Two months ago I celebrated my 10th year with my beautiful, new lungs -- it's been 10 years and after living 40 with crappy, cystic fibrosis lungs, this still blows my mind every freakin' day -- I think about it constantly -- and I think about my beautiful donor constantly...

    You take care -- send Jim my love and my hopes for both of you...

    Love, Steve

  2. This is fantastic news! So happy for you both. Thank you for sharing your journey and making this all seem possible for others. And too how awesome that you continue to acknowledge & bless the donor family. Looking forward to seeing another good day tomorrow :)

  3. Jim, I like the new count...days post tx, now days of feeling good, YAY!!
    Steve, congrats on your 10yrs!!!
    Denise, life is all around you, always was, but now you really see it. :)
    J&D, love you two!!! xoxo