Thursday, June 10, 2010

3 Week Anniversary

Thumbs up! Us with the transplant coordinator.

It's been 3 weeks since Jim had his transplant. He is getting stronger everyday too. Here are current pictures of his incision and 6 chest tube scars. The half circle of markings on his belly are from the chest tubes. The bottom left bandage and tube is his insulin pump that he wears all the time.

The trade-off to get rid of the old CF lungs...lots o' drugs!
Prograf (Tacrolimus), Prednisone, Norvasc, Dilaudid, Bactrim, Mag-Oxide, Azathioprine, Colace, Valcyte (for CMV +donor lungs), Lopressor, Asprin and Aquadecks.
No Jim, thoses are NOT your pills! They're jelly beans!

Today he woke up feeling like crap. His entire body ached and he was nauseous. He seems to feel like this in the morning and as the day progresses the pain and nausea subside a bit.

We left the house for Philly at 6 am. Stopped at WaWa for gas and did a Starbuck's run.

We arrived at the hospital around 7:45. First stop...blood work, second stop...PT, third stop...CXR.

He did 30 minutes on the treadmill and O2 saturation stayed at 96 - 98% with no O2! He also did some other exercises. We exchanged contact information with a woman in Jim's PT that is from Allentown. She had a double lung transplant in mid-April and today was her last visit.

I was finally able to watch the season finale of Grey's Anatomy while he was in PT. Wow!!!! The people in the waiting room probably thought there was something up with me. I kept jumping and shifting around in my seat. I'm glad I saw that episode after the hospital stay!

We were home by 1:00. I like the short days!

Jim's is still on a clear/full liquid diet. I picked up some KFC mashed potatoes and that seems to be OK on his stomach, so far...

The transplant coordinator called and told us that Jim's current Prograf level is 14.6. Since therapeutic level is 8 to 12 they dropped his dosage today from 1.5 to 1mg. I am hoping that once the dosage gets leveled out the nausea will subside.

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Save a life, be an organ donor!

Sorry, no quotes today.

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