Monday, June 21, 2010

2 Steps Up, 1 Step Back

Jim had a rough day today. Respiratory and physical therapy drain everything out of him. No vomiting this time; he took a Dramamine. I may have been car sickness last Thursday. He gets nauseous playing XBOX (seriously) so I wouldn't be surprised!

The Prograf level was dropped to 1.5 mg's because his level increased to 19.6. Also, tomorrow he will be getting an ultrasound of his abdomen. His liver enzyme level (alkaline phosphatase) is 3 times higher than it should be and they want to rule out any gall bladder issues.

New food for the day is Mac and Cheese!

Quote for the day:
"2 steps up, 1 step back..."


  1. I LOVE Mac & Cheese -- and sadly, my favorite in the whole world is the "blue box" Kraft!!! Of course, made with the old amount of real butter and whole milk...

    I remember one of my regular problems post transplant was sleep -- I swear, I would be awake for 2 or 2.5 days, then I would sleep like a rock... My wife insists that I got at least SOME sleep each night, but it never felt like it... I'm guessing it was the higher doses of prednisone...

    And I remember my prograf levels coming back whacked now and then -- I think they stabilize much more when you're off the Sporonox / anti-fungal -- that really seems to increase your levels... I remember going from 2mg twice daily to keep my levels where they wanted them, to around 8-9mg twice daily to keep the same level when they D/C'd the Sporonox... And high Prograf levels can really throw some of us for a loop and give us the shakes and make us feel lousy...

    I hope the liver enzymes turn into nothing... And I hope he rebounds into stepping up quickly again!!! Love, Steve

  2. Steve,
    Thanks for your words of wisdom! I believe we spoke a bit on Transplant Buddies or I need to re-read your story but I know it was very touching. Please continue with your comments! It is greatly appreciated!

    Everyone else too! Please continue with comments! I love reading them!