Saturday, June 19, 2010

2 in a row and hoping for a 3rd, 4th, 5th...

Today was a GREAT DAY! We are both hoping this is a trend that will last. Jim ate well today and had a limited amount of stomach pain. He is still at 136lbs but I feel better knowing that he had some good "meals". I was seriously considering calling the hospital Thursday because he looked so bad. He talked me out of it...

We met up with a friend from Team Sheldon for a cup of SBX. She had her Team Sheldon shirt and Jim had his "Transplant Inside" shirt on. After SBX we headed to my brother's house. I had a nice relaxing swim in their pool and Jim hung out on the porch. Today was the first day Jim has been out of the house since we came home except for his rides to Philly. It seemed to really perk him up!

Jim and I were talking about some different things we have noticed post tx. They seem trivial to the average person but to us and I'm assuming most people in the CF community, it was pretty cool!
  • I didn't have to ask Jim to give me the mouthpiece parts to his nebulizer when I turned on the dishwasher. No need for them anymore!
  • I put some lavender scented hand lotion on right before I went to bed. After I did it I realized that it probably wasn't a good idea because it would bother Jim's lungs. Well, guess what?? It didn't! He even said that it smelled really good!
  • The Weather Channel had an "Air Quality Action Alert". Jim's reply: "Huh, I didn't notice a thing.".
I was reading the back of this and noticed that the bottle said that you should "Breath deeply for best results"! That's definitely something that Jim can do now and actually enjoy!

Sorry oxygen, you helped us when we needed you but we won't be needing you anymore!

Please consider being an organ donor!


  1. Like the smiling :) Keep it up!

  2. hey jim. we met in january in the cafe in perelman when you were in the process of being listed. ive been quietly following the blog since paula mentioned youd gotten the call. congrats, and glad things are looking up today.

    i just got transplanted two weeks ago. got discharged yesterday. so i might see you in rehab on monday (not sure how all that works yet).

    hope the good days continue.

    -chris doheny.

  3. That's great Chris, I hope to see you there. They said on Thursday we may get one or two new people on Monday glad it's you. I had been hearing your transplant was following the same pattern as mine. It's great to be able to breath isn't it!

  4. May this be the beginning of MANY more great days to follow! Horray :-)


  5. I'm so thankful to have been able to share In your day out! Nothing better than a Starbucks with great friends, and to see you smile. I'm hoping this was just the beginning of many good days. Go Team Sheldon!!! <3

  6. Thank you for the ride in the 7series BMW makes me so want to take M for a ride...,

  7. You're welcome! You'll be behind the wheel of your M with the top down before you know it. Thanks for trusting me enough to chauffeur you to Starbucks. ;)

  8. Sooo glad he "didn't notice a thing" :)
    Ahhh, sleepy lavender.
    Hope to make a SBUX outing with you all.