Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Just spoke with the nurse. Jim is still in surgery. Lungs are in and they are working on connecting "things". She doesn't think it will be too much longer...whatever that means. I'm starting to believe that this is real and getting excited. On the way up here Jim said he thinks that this is it and he had a good feeling about it. I refused to believe that it would happen for fear that the emotional rollercoaster would be too much for me to handle again.
Some neat things:
We were supposed to go to Columbia tomorrow for his final vist to be cross listed. An email has been sent to the transplant coordinator saying thanks but we no longer need you!

He was listed here on 3/8/19 and received a call om 5/19. The #9 is Jim's favorite number. He played baseball in high school as #9.

The donor lungs (thank you donor and family) came from North Carolina.
For anyone that may not know, NC is our FAVORITE place on earth!!!!!! We have been going there every year, except for one, since 1996!

Also, for those of you that are familiar with the incision, they will not be doing a "clamshell". They will be cutting down the center of his chest and break his sternum. The surgeon is more comfortable with that way and they also said that healing is easier.

WOW!!!!! This really is happening!'re next girl!!!! And thanks for posting about Jim on FB!



  1. Yeah!!!! What about all those signs!!! Amazing!!!!! Keep us posted..... Sounds like everything is going smoothy.... So glad to hear!!!!

  2. I am so glad to hear that his surgery is wrapping up! It sounds like those lungs had his name written all over them. Amazing, isn't it?

    There is one surgeon at my transplant centre that also uses that 'open heart surgery' incision. They say it's less painful, which is a bonus!

    Take care! Thinking of you,

  3. Great to hear things are coming along.

    I knew talking to Columbia would get people at Penn moving a little faster!

    Thanks for the updates and pls keep them coming.


  4. Hey Jim and Nicey!!
    Want to hear how small this world is?
    Denise..apparently you work with a girl names Ally? Her friend Liza has a daughter Bree with CF.
    Well I know Liza and Bree very well (can't break the HIPAA (or however you spell it) rules but you can guess how I know them)...anyway..I have Liza as a friend on FB and she posted Jim's name to have everyone pray for him and I was like "I wonder how Liza knows you ".. I shot her a message and she told me about Nicey working with her friend.
    I don't know if you ever have met Bree but she is such a sweet child.
    Other than that...I think about both of you all the time. I am hoping Brian somehow makes arrangements for the kids to see you either down there or when you come home.
    God bless!!
    <3 you both!