Monday, May 24, 2010

Type A personality + feeling out of control = major anxiety!!

Math is my least favorite subject but I can tell you this:

Lots going on again. Our goals for the day were to (as per the wipe board on the wall):
1. RELAX! *underlined*
2. Breath in through your nose, out through your mouth.

My goal:
1. Continue to reassure Jim that he is safe and the docs and nurses know what they are doing!
2. Don't leave him alone
3. Remind him of the breathing technique they want him to use.

Nurses tried to put an o2 mask on him last night to assist with his o2 need but he kept ripping it off because he felt like he could not breathe. They discussed putting the breathing tube back in but decided against it for now. So......back to using the nasal cannula. Major issue cast night was anxiety.

I saw Dr. Lee today. He is one of the pulmonologists on the transplant team and back up to Dr. H. He said the xray showed something that indicates Jim has reprofusion injury to his lungs. This occurs often when lungs are transported. Think about it...
The lungs had to be harvested from our wonderful donor, flown from NC to PA and then transplanted into Jim. That's a lot of movement! The positive thing about this is that it is not uncommon and eventually the lungs heal with no permanent injury. This is one of the reasons for the supplemental O2 he is getting.

The surgeon, Dr. Pochettino, stopped by and said things aren't perfect but he is happy with Jim's condition. ***sigh of some relief***
He is still having issues with anxiety so they are giving him a bit more Xanax to help him relax. It seemed to help today.

His bowels are are still moving. I must admit, I never in a million years thought is would ever be telling the entire internet about my husbands poop!!

We've established a tag team so that me, Jim's mom and my dad can get rest while knowing Jim has someone with him. Whenever one of us leaves the room for a nap, some food or just a little break, they make sure that there is a back up person in with him.

Today was the first day that I have started feeling human. I had a little nap this afternoon. Ummmmm...the nap wasn't intensional. While the nurse was trying to get an ABG in Jim I almost passed out on the second attempt. I must admit, I felt a little wimpy because of that. I'm usually fine with that sort of thing. Oh helped me realize that that nap is important for me as well as Jim so I will try to schedule one per day. ;)

Jim's quote of the day: This sucks!
It is possible that the breathing tube may have to go back in until the o2 issue is resolved. Prayers appreciated that this will not have to be done!
By the way...I am loving this iPad. THERE! I said it!!!

Gotta run and get some sleep!


  1. You are an incredible strength for James especially now. I always wondered if it was harder on the patient or those who are support. I think maybe it's a toss up :) I hope you and Jim's parents can get the rest you need. Despite having other people to help Bryan tag team my recovery. . I enjoyed and needed him there the most. So congrats to you for being so strong and Congrats for James. . the worst part is almost over!
    Bryan has me update him on Jim's progress daily! We are praying for you two. Much Love from the Warren house!

  2. Sounds like you have a great support group for Jim... Tag team is a great idea for all of you. You all need to keep up your strength through this too. Jim is so lucky to have such a caring family. Bumps in the road, but you will all get through..... Keep the faith!!! I knew you would be loving the iPad..... Jim might not get it back lol. Just think.... Friday you will have lots of extra support!!!!! Xoxo

  3. Not perfect, but happy. That's still some God work there. I can only imagine how he feels to have his best friend by his side through this. I hope our day never comes due to a cure, but if it does, I know my wife will find the strength that you've found, even to talk about my poop.

  4. Denise,

    I KNOW my prayers are working for Jim. I have anxiety issues myself, especially as my CF has progressed over the years, but you have to know that god (in whatever form you see him) is at work, and you must let go for his will to be done. Still thinking about you and staying glued to blog for more info!
    Last year, I had a tension pneumo-thorax due to a cyst on my right lung. It was the scariest thing by far I had ever been through, and had to spend eight days in the hospital (followed by another intense episode and another eight days plus surgery to remove said cyst). It was terrifying the whole way through and the panic didn't stop after I got out due to the fear of it happening again.
    My situation is small potatoes compared to what Jim is going through, but I'm sharing this with you to illustrate that worrying gets nothing accomplished, and if you lay back, let the meds and the docs do their job ( that includes O2 as well as any other measure they take) it can only help healing and make it easier on your body to repair after the shock it has taken.
    Again, many prayers your way, and keep us posted!

  5. Glad you are finding a way to cope, Denise. Hope Jim can soon find that too - if I can do anything here at home, please let me know.

  6. Denise, Big hugs to you! So glad you are taking care of you so you can take care of Jim. I know he is not out of the woods but sending prayers of thanks for his continued progress. I'll keep praying for a complete, quick recovery and peace for both of you. How comforted Jim must be to have your full attention and the support of family. Thanks for keeping us posted! Blessings and prayers!

  7. "Cease, warring thoughts, and let his brain
    No more discord entertain
    But be smooth and calm again." -James Shirley

    Continuing to send prayers and strength to you both.

  8. Just wanted to tell you I think of both of you all the time!
    <3 Jill

  9. Denise,
    I gain strength from yours. I'm just home from spending the evening with Alex in hospital; tonight my husband's turn, tomorrow mine. Hospital stays always have a way of making me feel humble...there's always someone who wished they had my's always true. Thank you for sharing Jim's journey, your insights, and your heart. It has helped me immensely!
    Noreen Tarletsky

  10. All our prayers and love coming your way for Jimmy, you, Aunt Doris and your Dad. How lucky Jimmy is to be surrounded by such a source of strength and love. Never lose faith, through it all things are possible. God will bring you through. Love and prayers to you all. And thanks so much for keeping us updated. I check your blog every night before I go to bed. Love, Joanne

  11. Liza from the CF boards again. Just catching up on the progress. Sending prayers your way. Sure sounds like these are some little bumps even though they may not feel that way right now. Anna (my daughter) was also sure she was dying about day 3 or 4 post tx and wondered if she made the right choice. By day 5 or 6 she looked back on it and said it really was worth it and would do it all again. Great idea on keeping someone with him at all times and it's wonderful that you have enough people around to do that. Keep strong. I hope to read that he's out of ICU soon.