Sunday, May 23, 2010

Things are "moving" along.

Jim was doing well until the warm moist oxygen air they have been giving him was screwed up. They bag of distilled water that is used ran out then someone came in and changed it to cold dry air. When he realized the change in O2 he was unable to keep the canula in his nose. That spiraled to his O2 level dropping, alarms going off and Jim getting anxious. The anxiety does not help with the O2 level and caused it to drop more. He also got stabbing pains in his chest and said later on that he thought he was dying (def not the case).
It took him awhile to recoup from that episode but by the end of the night he was pretty calm. I on the other hand was tierd and had zero patience by the end of the day. I said goodnight to Jim and then at that point I just wanted to get back to the room and it coun't go fast enough! When we got back to the room I headed downstairs to the lobby to have a little alone time. Talked to my brother and then decided that I needed me time and had a glass of wine at the hotel bar. That was the first time I ever sat at a bar alone. Well...not really alone... I was chatting with friends on FB and texting some other friends for some comic relief...thanks guys!!!!!
I called the Hosp when I woke to check on Jim. He had another rough night. His nurse told me that he thought it was 1969 (his year of birth) and that there were people in his room. The nurse continued to tell me that it is expected with patients that are in ICU. Sleep deprivation, meds and overall stress on his body is the cause. When I got into his room he was sleeping! Yippee!!!! AND...his bowels are a movin'!!!
Dr. H the pulmonologist came in and continued to reassure Jim that he is doing good. Doc said he gives Jim a B on the progress trail. Jim slept for a majority of the day but we then tried to keep him awake so he can rest well tonight. He got a "dinner" try that consisted of orange jello, a vanilla Mighty Shake, some ginger ale and some sort of "mystery" broth.
Oh, our fellow CF family will appreciate this...! The respiratory therapist came in to give him his "treatment". As we know treatments typically mean hours of nebulizers and the percussion vest. This "treatment" consisted of...get this.........2 puffs on an inhaler! They also gave him a pint of blood today and yesterday to assist with his O2 levels.
About to leave him now but he doesn't want to be alone. He is afraid to sleep without someone in the room. We are reassuring him that he's got the best nurses and doctors and they will not let anything bad happen to him!
And just so you guys know, I had a nice nap this afternoon!


  1. I'm not sure that Sheldon would be satisfied with the "B" in progress, but I know I am. LOL Other than the small bumps, it sounds like he's making great progress! Sending positive thoughts and crossing fingers and toes that you both get some much needed rest.

  2. Hang in there. Dementia, confusion, fear, anxiety and paranoia were all lovely things I experienced as well. The nurses and Docs are right, it's common. I think it is an effect of the body adjusting to the immune suppressants accompanied with massive pain meds :) It will get better. Glad to hear he got a B. That's above average :) GO JAMES!

  3. Sounds like good reports!! I didn't have any hallucinations, but I hear that they are common right after transplant. Isn't it amazing that he doesn't have to do so many treatments?! I think that I had to do 2 nebs until about 4 weeks post tx, but it was to get the rest of the junk out of my system that was left near the connection site.

    Keep getting stronger everyday James!!

  4. I was really worried about being alone too. When I got to the step down unit, I hated not having a nurse RIGHT THERE. I also have to have a blood transfusion to bring up my red blood cells. No worries! You're doing great James!