Monday, May 31, 2010

Taking a cruise with no O2!

Jim and Amanda (a/k/a The Rock). She has been a huge help to me and Jim. She loves to help him out and he loves having her there!

Me blogging

I started off the day quite annoyed to put is nicely. I have been getting into Jim's room before visiting hours with no problems since all of this started. This morning was different. I gave the woman at the front desk Jim's room number and she gave my my usual generic pass to enter the hospital. AFTER she gave it to me she advised me of the visiting hours. I explained that the past few days I have been able to get in early then proceeded to walk past the security guard. The "security guard" didn't even acknowledge my existence; she was too busy on her phone to care. When I got up to Jim's floor I was told I couldn't go in. Ummmm...I don't think so! She told me I

gave the woman downstairs a hard time and that they almost called security. Jeez! Don't get me wrong, I'm happy there is security in the place but they should have (Chris B. this one's for you) a standardized workflow! They did finally let me in but only after they made me wait! That's my rant for the day...thanks for letting me vent!

Jim had a rough night. The nurse call button wasn't working, he didn't have anyone to help him get to the bathroom and didn't make it there in time. I don't think I need to expand on that.

Dr. Lee told us that things are moving along well, and Jim should keep doing the same thing he has been doing. They may take out the last chest tube tomorrow. Jim was taken off of Diflucan because the doctor believed that was the reason for the nausea. He has not been nauseous since! We are still waiting to know the results of the Xray taken today.

There was a great feeling of releif today when Jim went for his walk. He did one full lap on 2 liters of O2. Since his stats were fine Jim decided to crank it up and go comando! No O2 baby! He did a second lap with no oxygen. We'll be training for that marathon in no time!

The respiratory therapist was in and said his lungs sound a little wet, otherwise ok.

Prior to Jim's transplant my niece, Amanda, and I listened to Jim's lungs with her stethoscope. They sounded like a gurgle that didn't stop. We just listened to him this evening and it is just amazing to hear the difference! No gurguling, wheezing or crackles.

Jim had a late dinner today. Amanda and I did a run and got him a Happy Meal. He ate a fairly good portion of it. His weight is down to 144 lbs. and he is 5'9". He lost about 20 lbs since his surgery. We need to get some meat on his bones!

I was sitting on Jim's hospitable bed, working on the blog while Amanda and Jim were planning Jim's meals for tomorrow. Here was the conversation:
Amanda: "Can you get the English muffin only?"
Jim: "Well, I circled just the English muffin...didn't I?"
Amanda: "But it comes with the Heart Healthy breakfast."
Jim: "Game on!"

Quotes of the day:
"This is going to be my summer of doing lots of sh!t.". This is my FAVORITE quote!!!!
"Maybe when you're back in town I'll exercise your a$$!!" Regarding Amanda wanting someone to work out with.
"I don't want air blowing up my a$$!" said after he was sitting in the chair with his butt hanging out.



  1. First he still in ICU? I can't remember if you blogged whether he is on a regular floor. Also, haha on the 'not making it' to the bathroom~ I had to use a bedpan for several weeks, it was not something I like to remember. I didn't get near a 'bathroom' until I was on a regular floor. About 5 weeks or more into recovery. Anyway~ Good Job James! I check on ya everyday and can't wait to read about you busting out of that place!


  3. Still Praying... I can only imagine the happiness you two must be feeling knowing that every day you get closer to starting your "new life" together. Keep fighting Jim!! I have never met you, or even talked to you (I am awaiting you facebook friend confirmation when you get around to it), but I cannot wait to talk to you and here about your story from you. I am not at that point yet, but one day, I will be in your shoes. I cannot express how much more positive I look at the transplant situation knowing what you have went through, and that you are coming out on the other end fighting!

    I truly believe that god, in whatever capacity/form you see him in, is working a miracle with you. Keep fighting the good fight my man!

  4. Game on! Love it. Now cover up your a$$ and enjoy the Team Sheldon treats. ;)