Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Old ones ones in!!!!!!!!

Was just told that the old ones are on their way out and new ones in soon! We were moved to a different waiting room near the ICU area.
Believe it or not it seems like time is flying by. Had some dry turkey sandwiches and an ice cream bar with my dad. Facebook helps pass the time along with all of your emails and texts of support!
And, yes...I am using the iPad. ;)


  1. Wow that seems fast! It is odd being on this side of it.

  2. Oh my how exciting. Prayers for you all.
    Fellow Cfer.

  3. Ah yes, the dry turkey sandwich and ice cream bar dinner! A fine choice. It brings back so many fond memories of our hospital stays with Anna! But we were grateful to have anything to eat given the circumstances!

    I'm so grateful for this opportunity for Jim to get new lungs. We'll keep praying here in Mechanicsburg!

  4. Many many prayers from Akron, Ohio... (another fellow cf'er)

  5. Prayers for you and Jim and also for the donor and his/her family...
    hey if you looking for things to do download Luxor on Jim.s IPad and play a game for old times sake! remember how that made time fly by!


  6. Prayers are with you both!!!! Here's to hoping for a speedy and easy recovery!!!
    Denise, you might not want to give the ipad back to him!!!! Lol. Please let me know if I can do anything..... Try to get some rest too :)

  7. Hey there, Saw someone on Twitter RT that someone got their call.

    Stopped by to wish you all the best.

    Got my call in Nov of 07. Life has been wonderful ever since!

    Chris Falco
    Sycamore, IL
    @chrisfalco on twitter

  8. Such great news! Finally, Denise. God loves u both. Still praying.


  9. It is after 10p.m. and I am still thinking of you and continue to pray. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you back home - anything - just ask. I'll check in tomorrow morning. Try to get a little sleep tonight, Denise. Love, Louise