Friday, May 28, 2010

My Shelly

Jim didn't sleep well last night. They dropped his o2 to 35% (still using the high flow cannula) without the moisture so he said his nose hurt and chest felt like a dessert (not quite sure how that feels...)

Today he is using a low flow regular cannula, at 40% last time I looked. Saturation level is more stable!
Switched many meds from IV to oral.
Late next week will have bronchoscopy.
Hopefully move to a step-down unit tomorrow.
Xray looks even better today!
Dr Lee is happy w/ progression.
Walked about 80' w/ 55% O2.
Breakfast was gross! Some sort of quiche, biscuit and a rubber patty that I think was sausage. *gagging noise*. He didn't eat any of that!
Lunch had mac & cheese and did well. Dinner ate corn and potatoes w/o any issues. We both think it's just a matter of time until his eating will get better. Jeez...he did have a breathing tube down his throat; I think that would make it hard for anyone to eat regardless of transplant.

A group of incredible friends stopped by the hospital today!! Unfortunately they couldn't see Jim but they still came to visit with me!!! They brought balloons, a huge basket of goodies for both of us (I'm taking the good stuff before Jim gets at it), a Starbucks gift card, 2 bottles of wine (for me only, I'm NOT sharing) including a wine glass, and a gift cert. for me to get my nails done. All I needed was lots of hugs and I got them!!!! The girls ordered special t-shirts that say "Team Sheldon"** and they were all wearing them! We went and had a great dinner (at New Deck Tavern) with laughs and then hit SBX. Thank you girls! It meant so much to both if us!

***Brief explanation for the shirts: Jim and I are huge fans of The Big Bang Theory sitcom. Sheldon is one of the geeky, OCD, physicists on the show and his personality is SO much like Jim that we gave Jim the nick name of Sheldon.***

I just found the hook-up for the iPad that connects to my iPhone and will work on posting pictures tomorrow. Thanks for bring them, Holly!

Quotes of the day:
"Alright, let's do it.". Just before he stood up to walk for the first time since the BIG CALL on 5/19!
"I'm quite MORE than meets the eye". This was a reply to a friend that said he looked like a transformer with all his tubes while walking the halls.
"I think this will quickly become my most favorite shirt." Referring to a super awesome t-shirt that friends that visited got for him.



  1. Sounds like a super wonderful day, only one of many, many more!!!!
    Can't wait for the next visit when your Shelly can get his hugs from everyone too! And walk with us!
    xoxo Hol
    Enjoy your treats, both of you!! (ps...let me know how that reading material works out)

  2. I'm happy to hear that Jim's continuing to improve. Planning to move out of ICU is great news! I'm thinking of you both!

  3. I HAVE to see this shirt. Is it on Facebook? I don't see a Facebook link, but I found Jim.

  4. Hurray - the news seems to be better! Getting up on your feet after surgery is at once scary and wonderful - keep up the good work Jim. On another note, Mark will mow the lawn on Sunday, Denise. Supposed to be the nicest day of the weekend. Both of you take care now.

  5. It was great to see you, and give you the much-needed hugs! Glad Sheldon liked his shirt. I got alot of sleep last night, so I am ready for another road trip whenever you both are up for it. Keep me posted. xoxo

    P.S. It was also great to see Aunt Nancy again. =)