Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Looking better and getting stronger.

Jim slept well last night but with 100% O2 again.
Dr H zand Dr Lee were both in this morning but i missed them. I was hoping to be there when they came. I did manage to use my negotiation skill to weasel myself in to ICU before visiting hours ;). Ha, ha!!
The pump for pain has been removed and he is taking oral pain med., Percoset. This change seemed to perk him up quickly.
He is having a hard time keeping his eyes open due to dryness so I have been putting saline drops in them several times a day.
Jim also sitting in chair "position" in his bed but has not been out of bed in a regular chair since the 2nd day of surgery. They are also using a wedge shaped cushion for him to lay on so he can reposition himself at different angles. He is gaining strength...he has been sitting up and adjusting his body with no assistance!!

Dr Lee came in again around 4:00 and said that the lung look a little better from the last xray but here is still fluid that they want to get rid of.
Doc also said that there is some social blood test that they did to determine how much Jims blood is "compatible" with the donors and the test came back perfect!! TYD&DF (thank you donor and donor family)! The lungs are CMV positive. For details heck out www.health.state.ny.us/diseases/communicable/cytomegalovirus/fact_sheet.

Surgeon is confident that the issue we have going on now is more "reaction than rejection".
"Y" tubes were removed today, this leaves him with 2 tubes remaining!

He should be getting TPN tonight to assist with his nutritional needs. http://medical-dictionary.thefreedictionary.com/_/dict.aspx?word=total+parenteral+nutrition

Quotes of the day:
"I fee a lot, lot better"
"I said blow my nose not pick my nose!" I thought he asked me to adjust his nasal cannula...actually, he was trying to tell me he wanted to blow his nose!
"Nise, I'm not asking you, I'm telling you...give my some damn ice chips!" OK, we're a bit protective of the ice chips but that quote didn't go over too well with me. Doc wants him to be as dry as possible and nurse told me only 3 chips per hour. Don't think this needs further explanation. He did apologize after I gave him the entire cup of cubes and walked out the door. Jeez!!!

Special thanks to:
Bekah for comic relief
All my FB friends for words of encouragement
Mr. K and his assistant Karen with accommodations at the Sherateon Hotel University City.

Here's hoping things are on the upswing!

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  1. So very glad to hear that he slept!! And you???
    Glad to hear the pain pump removal perked him up, yay! And gaining strength, double yay!! We know his mind strength is insurmountable.
    Woohoo on the compatibility :)
    Those 2 tubes will be gone in no time, then time to move those legs down the halls.
    Ok, you MUST continue the Quotes of the Day! He will enjoy reading them in a few months, you two can laugh about them. Love them!!! And I can soooo hear you both, and see this!
    Schwing!!! Here's to the upswing! xoxo Hols