Saturday, May 22, 2010

Looking and doing better!

Today is a better day. Dr. H (jim's pulmologist) stopped in and said things are looking better. :). I know all of the prayers and positive vibes are helping tremendously...thank you!!!

Jim pooped this morning! Yea Jim!!!! They are allowing him to have some watered down Gatorade. Jim said it's almost as good as Rita's.
Amanda is being an AWESOME help to both of us!!!! She jumps in and helps him do his breathing exercises and feeds him his ice chips and now Gatorade chips.

Jim quotes of this afternoon:
"Feel like night and day compared to yesterday. Hopefully on the upswing now."
"It's really starting to sink in now.". Pertaining to getting new lungs.

That's it for now. Stay tuned...

Love you all!!!


  1. Pooping is good! One step at a time. Keep up the progress!

  2. Glad to hear things are looking up!!!

  3. Great news! Positive thoughts and prayers coming your way.

  4. So glad to hear Jim is doing better. Thanks for all the updates on his progress! We continue to pray . . .

  5. Denise, that's great news, Will and I are so pleased! Will has been having his own gastric issues (the joy of being immunosuppressed it seems) but hopefully these are now, er, 'passing' for both him and Jim. You're both in our thoughts...

  6. Keep up the good work, Jim! We are thinking of you guys and praying for you!

  7. Jim, I could swing by the old OGO house and see if they have any green beer left over from St. Patty's day...GUARANTEED you won't need laxatives after chokin' down a few of those. Glad you're on the upswing pal..we're pullin' for ya every day!

  8. So glad to hear the good news.Keep up the good work Jim. Really nice to have the ones you love there helping you. Seems the positive attitude you guys have is doing its job !!Bet watered down prune juice would work better than the gatorade...Love and blessings to all !!

  9. I am so happy knowing that jim is recovering well, adopting a new lung is like a baby, very soon you will love it! Wishing you out of hospital soon. Tahereh

  10. Denise,
    I've just finished reading your blog after having it forwarded to me through my brother in law and from Mike Fischer. I don't know you or your brave husband and yet I'm sitting with tears rolling down my cheeks. My 15 year old son has CF and is presently in the hospital for 2 weeks of IV and respiratory therapy. My broken hospital sleep may account for some of my tears, but regardless your experience is giving me inspiration and hope for my son's future. As friends and family are praying for my son's speedy recovery, we too are praying for Jim's. Thank you for giving us this insight to this very delicate time in your lives. We wish you nothing but strength, good health, and a lifetime of happiness!
    All our best,
    Noreen and Chris Tarletsky

  11. Noreen and Chris:
    This is one of the main reasons we have this blog. When we decided to go the transplant route we started to read blogs from other CFers that are pre and post transplant. It is extremely supportive and also helps keep friends and family informed too! Best of luck to your son! He will have his ups and downs but focus on the ups,

  12. any new news? I'm a 26 yr. old male with CF and have been following Jim's blog religiously for about a week (thanks to Stacey Beane). I have read all the back posts as well, and cannot begin to describe how awesome, inspirational and soothing to my own worries it has been to read and learn about his journey. Tell Jim I have prayed many prayers for him, and hope he walks out of that hospital ASAP!!!

  13. Denise

    It's great to hear everything is going well. Give Jim a kiss for me. If I do it I know he will giggle. Just wanted to drop a note to let you know I'm thinking of you guys. I hope everything keeps moving in a positive direction and Jim gets out of the hospital real soon. Both of you take care and I'll see you Denise when you get back to work.