Friday, May 21, 2010

Laxatives do you like that title???
I'm finding it hard to concentrate now so will just write and see what comes out...this should be fun!
Speaking of coming out...the docs are working on getting the air out of his stomach by first stool softeners (oooohhhh), and enemas (ahhhh)......Basically, they are trying to get him to pass gas and/or poop. :). He is NPO and not too happy about that but docs don't want anything else going in if things are not going out.
I talked to the nurse this afternoon and she explained that the extra air in his stomach is causing his diaphragm to push up against his lung. In turn, this is not allowing his lung to expand the way it should in order to get the o2 he needs. I'm not sure if it is causing pressure on one or both lungs*** I need to look into that! Last night he was on 100% o2.
On a good note, they were able to reduce the amount of o2 they are giving him twice today. That's a good sign that he's lungs are doing their job but not enough to remove the supplemental o2. We want him to be able to walk out of Penn without the need for it!!!!!! He also got 2 of his chest tubes out.
I really need to get to sleep...thanks for your prayers and the words of wisdom from our CF family! You guys are AWESOME and wouldn't be able to go through this without all of you!!!!!!
Keep they prayers etc coming!!!!!!!


  1. NPO is no fun. Gotta get him on a bed pan ASAP! You can do it!

  2. Oh the lovely passing of gas post fun!! I was thinking that the extra air was probably pushing on the diaphram, but I'm no doc so I didn't say anything when I saw the earlier post. I do know one girl who had a double lung and liver tx (like me) who still got the fluid build up in her belly after the tx, which pushed on her diaphram, which made it hard for her to breathe with the new lungs so she was on the vent for a while. Stuff like this is not uncommon, so hang in there!!!

    Being NPO also sucks. I think that I was NPO for about 5 days post tx. They kept it that way because we weren't sure what was wrong with my voice, so they didn't want any food going down my throat either. I did a swallow test on day 5 and passed and they finally let me eat. You will absolutely love eating without coughing!!

    Keep on moving in the right direction and you will look back on all of this in no time and think that it wasn't so bad and you'd do it again if you had to! Take care.

  3. James & Denise. . .crappy (literally) :) I had this same hurdle to overcome. I never, ever thought I would look forward to getting an enema, but with as much pressure and discomfort I was in, I welcomed it! I was also put on suppositories as well :( It sucked but did the trick~ Good Luck, I think you lose more dignity having a transplant than woman lose when they have a baby, just a guess.

  4. so basically what youre saying is now the docs agree with everybody else that jim's only real problem is he is full of cr*p.

  5. OMG! Blanker's comment is priceless. I was going to post something funny as well, but that took the cake!

    Sending lots of hugs!!! xoxo

  6. My doc says the same thing every time I get a blockage, but he chooses to use the "s" word. Hilarious!

    Glad things are moving again, I see.