Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Today is one week since Jim received a gift that will change our lives forever! It is still hard to believe that this is real. I think once we get home
it will kick in. Here is my nightly rundown of

events in the last 24ish hours:

Jim didn't sleep well last night and he was put on 100% O2 again. I am extremely happy that they didn't put a breathing tube back in! They weaned him down today to 45%. I'm hoping that tonight he will rest better and won't need as much supplemental O2. ***fingers crossed*** Anxiety is still an issue. Whenever he hears beeping noises in his room he gets anxious thinking that his O2 level may have dropped. I can't blame him!!

The nurses had him up and sitting in a chair prior to me getting to the hospital today. When he thought the nurses did not come in quick enough to help him he decided he could make it from chair to bed on his own. When he tried his O2 dropped. Yup! The warrior is ready to run before he walks! They got him back up in a chair later in the afternoon and stayed there for about an hour.

2 of his chest tubes were remove and his catheter! Last post I said that he only had 2 left, my mistake...NOW there are only 2 chest tubes left. Thankfully the ones they pulled today were the ones that were really causing him a lot of pain. He said getting those tubes out hurt like hell! Also, the surgeon told Jim that his xray looks slightly better! Baby steps, baby steps...

My dad and I saw one of the helicopters land on the roof of the Silverstein Building at dinnertime today. This is where all of the helicopters land. I tried to envision the medical team walking on the roof with the donor lungs and couldn't help but wonder if that was the same helicopter that transported them. It just blew my mind!

Quotes of the day:
"I don't know if I'd ever do this again." (regarding the surgery)
"He said he didn't like you very much" (Jim's sarcastic reply when I asked him what the surgeon had to say)
"Aww, darn". (yet another sarcastic reply when I told him that we missed the Lady Gaga episode of Glee)



  1. I don't know about for Jim, but for me, sarcasm is a GREAT sign of feeling better. Way to go Jim!

  2. Jim's comments make me laugh. That is a wonderful sign!!!
    One day at a proud of both of you!!!

  3. You'll find that as each day passes, jim will feel better. For me, each day was a noticeable step in the right direction. Problem is, there are so many damn steps! But.....the top of the mountain is coming....and it's quite a view.

    PS. When I was in the hospital, I said the same thing: "Never again.".....but now that I'm recovered and home and feeling amazing...I'd do it 1000 times if I had to.

  4. I'm with you Denise. The Lady Gaga episode was great! The sarcasm is a guise to hide the fact that he is really a big fan;-).

  5. Still Praying for you guys! Awesome updates! Tell Jim to keep fighting!

  6. Wow. I hope that things keep going well and that Jim is up and running before long. I hope that you are doing okay Denise. Take care of yourself!!!

    Lisa aka blondelawyer

  7. Jim and Denise, my prayers are with you guys in your daily struggle to come back home. It seems like just yesterday when Jim was running around my house with my brother Mark and annoying the hell out of me!!! To my other "little brother", please get well soon!!!!!

    Love always, Yvonne Knecht Vallone

  8. Leslie DeAngelisMay 28, 2010 at 7:52 AM

    First time on your site, just so wonderful to see the progress and be part of your journey. You are doing a fabulous job narrating Denise! Best wishes and prayers continue... Please tell Doris we are thinking of her as well. What a wonderful, wonderful B/day present for her!

    God bless with continued improvements! Slow but sure! :)

    Take care, Leslie (SLPG co-worker of Doris's)