Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trying to put it into words...

I’ve always found it hard to put into words how CF affects me, the spouse; how I look at things…how I struggle in my own different ways... I recently found the proper words in a blog that I found written by Tiffany Christensen. Tiffany had 2 double lung transplants due to CF and also wrote a book that I am reading now call Sick Girl Speaks!. So, here’s how I feel, like it or not:

“Loving someone who is sick brings with it a profound sense of powerlessness. You watch them wince in pain or curl up in their suffering and you have no remedy…”

“Nurses and doctors come and go with news, medicines, and the potential for answers while you struggle to keep track of the often-changing picture of illness. You struggle to hold your life together in the "well-world" while giving all of yourself to the one in the "sick-world." As you straddle these two different landscapes, sometimes it feels you can never do enough, say the right thing or find the strength to sustain the complexity of this life. You look around at your life as a caregiver and wonder how you will find yourself…” Christensen - 3/28/10


  1. Denise, that was perfect! I remember feeling something like that when I took care of my Dad for many years ... but in your case its much closer.. its your "one and only" "your special someone" the one who is suppose to be taking care of you! you are the strongest person I know and I applaud you for your strength and determination!
    May God give you all you deserve and all the happiness in the world as soon as possible!

  2. they may not be your words, but it puts it in better perspective for us. thank you for sharing!!! <3