Sunday, April 25, 2010

~~~~More Musing from the Spousal Unit~~~~

Well, we made it through the interview process at Columbia Presbyterian on April 23rd, which reminds me, March 23rd was when we had our 1st and hopefully last dry run. The drive in wasn’t too bad and we made it there in about 1 ½ hours (~abiding by the proper speed limit, naturally~). The center wants us to be able to get there in 2 hours.
We first met with the financial coordinator in a small conference room (we likened it to an interrogation room). Of course, I had to take a picture. Not everyone is lucky enough to experience it!

The financial coordinator confirmed Jim's medical insurance benefits and discussed what medications are typically used post-transplant. She said that a majority of the medications are generic so that is financially helpful.

After that, Jim got vitals taken (blood pressure, weight etc.) and then headed to met with the transplant coordinator. We weren’t completely thrilled with her but I’ll leave it at that. Our fellow CF bloggers know the rest...

Next, the Pulmonologist (Dr. Shah) met with us. She has an excellent bedside manner and we were quite impressed. She discussed how the process works starting with the initial notification the hospital gets for a potential donor to the healing process. The typical time spent in the hospital post-transplant is anywhere from 14 to 21 days. I’m sure Jim will be out of there in record time! We also discussed the additional tests that need to be done before getting listed. Jim will need to get an exercise test on a bike and psychological evaluation. I will leave it up to you guys to comment on the psych eval. ;) We were also told he should get some vaccinations, dental check and eye exam but it didn’t sound as if those things would preclude Jim from getting listed.

Dr. Shah asked us if we wanted to talk to a surgeon so we decided to wait for him/her. While waiting Jim went for blood work and I dozed off (gotta’ take care of me too). 2 needle sticks and 16 vials later (seriously, 16 freakin’ vials!!!) we were told the surgeon didn’t reply back to Dr. Shah’s request to meet with us so we decided to head home.

This is when it gets interesting…while walking back to the parking garage Jim checked Facebook and saw that our CF blogging friend (Piper) received a call from Columbia. They wanted her to come in because there was a possible donor for her. Is that why we didn’t talk to the surgeon? Who knows, but if it was for Piper’s sake, we’d rather her get her lungs than see the surgeon!!!! Later we found out that when Piper got to the hospital she had a fever and a high heart rate so they turned her down. Grrrrrrr….the joys of transplant! Please, please, please keep Piper in your thoughts too!! She’s had about 5 dry runs in, I believe, the past month.

As usual, thank you all for your support and comments. Jim and I appreciate it!

Cheers! Denise

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  1. Cool blog Jim and Denise! Prayers from your oldest Cuz as always.. =) ~Danny~